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Who We Are


Roy Potteril

Co-Founder/Social Strategist/Networking Diva

Roy “Wrench” has long been a fixture of the Jo'burg creative community. It's in mobile photography though, where Roy has risen to global prominence. An Instagram wizard, he breaks all convention in order to paint uniquely compelling portraits of everyday life that have garnered him hordes of followers. His work has earned him critical acclaim and international exhibition.


Thoban Jappie

Co-Founder/Content Director/Whip-Cracker

Thoban is Mobile Media Mob's driving force. A 20-year veteran of the professional broadcasting industry, he brings a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge rare in the digital realm. Thoban is a pioneering mobile photographer. He has been instrumental in bringing both critical and commercial credibility to the world of social and mobile picture-taking.

Inspired by Mob Mentality, where we are inspired by the people around us to think or act in a particular way, Mobile Media Mob are a creative collective that specialises in the production and broadcast of visual content. Armed with cutting edge technology, we smartly utilise social platforms to help our clients tell their stories.

Roy Potterill was invited to participate in a LISOF Design and Retail Academy Fashion Editorial in honor of our new architectural home. Roy was asked to offer our students insight into the new technological trends within photography and the outstanding result you could get using an iPhone armed with a particularly keen eye. The results were outstanding and it was an honor to explore Fashion Editorial photography whilst experimenting with new, supreme technology and experience the work of an Mobile Photographer in action." Nicola Cooper - Senior Theoretical Contextual Lecturer at LISOF Design & Retail Academy.

Social sharing and visual storytelling are much more than a passing fad. After all, who needs the beach when you have the #beach? What fun is a perfect view without sharing it? While some see this as a threat to human interaction, we see it as an exciting evolution in the way people communicate and engage. One that enhances reality, rather than replaces it.

What We Do

Whether you need to make an impact on Instagram, grow your Facebook community, or live-document an event, we do it all! Here’s what we do best:


In our world, we don’t call the people we’ve worked with clients.

We call them friends. Here are some of ours:


We like you already.

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“Social media is not a collection of content. It is a social relationship between people that is mediated by content.”

- Mobile Media Mob
(with apologies to Guy Debord)